Hello! My name is Sofia Shendi.


I started working at my dream job a month after finishing college when I turned 20.

All I wanted was to work in a hip & modern area of Montreal doing what I loved: coding cool websites.

It happened so quickly! Which made me realize that I had to start dreaming bigger. Well, I have not stopped ever since.

I purchased my first condo when I turned 23 without any savings to cover a cash down. Ten years later, I'm planning my third visit to the notary for my latest home purchase.



At 28, I quit my job as the lead of three departments in a huge marketing agency to start my own company. On my final week, I still had no idea how I would pay for my next mortgage payment.

All of these scary decisions I took were because I knew there was always something bigger out there. But it takes guts & a few sleepless nights to open yourself up to new opportunities.

Today, I can say that I've become pretty successful at what I do. My biggest achievement from taking risks from a very young age is the lifestyle I get to enjoy in my early 30s.

Just in the last two years, I worked from dreamy locations like Bali, Amsterdam & Tulum. I get the chance to simplify and improve my life everyday because I am in control.

It's not always perfect, because nothing really is. I do feel like I have gathered an array of knowledge & drive that truly helps create the best possible life with the tools that we personally have at the moment.